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 XBL Friends

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PostSubject: XBL Friends   Fri Aug 12, 2011 5:03 pm

I would like everyone to add eachother on XBL please.. My GT is BHartnett2010 please send me a friend request and i will leave a post with all of the members that i have on my Friends list.. cause i understand not everyone's username matches their GT. So again, my GT is BHartnett2010, hit me up regaurdless of what division you're in.

Also, if it isnt too much trouble, i think we should mention somewhere in our XBL Profile that we are in the crimson lance.. For example, on my profile, my motto is Crimson Lance - 24.. And Grymlock mentions Crimson Lance AND the site html.. So, put it wherever you like, i just feel like it would be easier if a member could look at another member's friend list and add the people that they don't have(Obviously if they have Crimson Lance somewhere in their profile, you could tell that they are a fellow member)

Thank you,
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XBL Friends
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