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 .::RULES::. Read Before Applying

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PostSubject: .::RULES::. Read Before Applying   Sun Jul 31, 2011 11:42 pm

1. Cheating of any kind will not be tolerated in the Crimson Lance.

Cheating by definition is: any modifications to the platforms or official games and associated files or any utilization of a program that is meant to alter the behavior of the game in any way that either gives an advantage to players using it or gives a disadvantage to players not using it.

Examples: wall hacks and speed cheats

Definition of a glitch: use of any behavior of the game that is either undocumented or unintended by the manufacturer in order to increase their own personal performance or decrease the performance of others.

Examples: Being able to hide in a rock or shoot through a wall that normally would be impossible.

No member of the Crimson Lance will cheat or glitch under any circumstances.

No member of the Crimson Lance will associate with a known cheat or cheat maker for any reason.

Any credible report of a member of the Crimson Lance using cheats, or utilizing glitches will result in a full scale investigation. If found guilty, that member will be reported to XBOX LIVE, and the game developer, and removed immediately from the Crimson Lance, with no possibility of reinstatement.

2. All members are required to check and be active on the Clan Forum

Participation on the forums is one of the ways we gauge leadership potential, and as such promote individuals to leadership positions. It is also important because changes to rules and regulations can be posted at any time, and members need to be up to date on Clan activities.

3. Members are required to show up for at least, 1 practice per week

Practices are important to ensure players remain sharp in game. And to make sure that players remain active.

If for any reason you can not attend a mandatory practice, you need to let your immediate Chain of Command (CoC) know so they can mark you as excused.

Unexcused absences are referred to as AWOL's, if a member acquires 5 AWOL's he will be removed from the clan for failure to participate and report.

The Crimson Lance, understands that people have real world issues and things going on in their lives. As such, if you report to your immediate CoC, within 24 hours after missing a scheduled event, that AWOL will be removed.

4. Respect the Chain of Command

The Crimson Lance is modeled after the US Military, (with a few modifications). We use ranks to help control and guide members within the clan. This is a large operation with many moving pieces, as such it is instrumental to our success as a clan, that members abide and respect the Chain of Command (CoC).

Examples: A Recruit will not Private Message (PM) a Colonel and tell them they wont make it to practice.

We utilize a direct CoC, as such if you have any issues, you will report to the next higher person in your Chain.

IF for any reason you are not given a response in a TIMELY manner, you can jump to the next highest. DO NOT BREAK THE CHAIN.

If you fail to get a response from your direct Chain of Command, you can jump to the next highest, DO NOT go directly to the top of the CoC. Make sure you go through each link of the chain until your question is answered.

Failure to follow the Chain of Command can result in punitive actions, resulting in a probationary period or a discharge for failure to follow instructions.

5. Vulgar and Harsh Language

Most of the games we support are Mature games, do not abuse that. Excessive use of swear words or derogatory language such as, but not limited to racial slurs is not permitted.

We are all adults here, so some vulgar language from time to time is exceptable. We only ask that you do not use it excessively. The use of racial slurs however, will not be tolerated by anyone at any time. The use of a racial slur, will have you removed from the clan immediately and without the possibility of reinstatement.

6. Conduct

I understand that even though this game is rated Mature, that there are ALOT of immature players occupying the game space. Members of CL will not at any time, berate or belittle other gamers.

If you are personally "attacked" by an individual while playing, you are NOT allowed to reciprocate the response. As a mature adult, you must walk away. You have nothing to prove to anyone outside the Lance!

Members WILL respect each other regardless of their origin, nationality, age, gender, race, religious beliefs or creed.

7. Ranks and Awards

Ranks and awards (medals and badges) will be handed out based on the following sorted principles:

- Dedication

- Conduct



Positions will be assigned based on:


-Leadership Abilities


-Comprehension of CoC


8. Allegiance

The Crimson Lance, demands the level of commitment and loyalty from all its members, as such we do not allow CL members to participate in any other group that supports the game franchise on the same platform that we support. Failure to abide by this will result in immediate discharge without the possibility of reinstatement.


This is only a game, we want a to win every game, every time, however things don't always work out that way, just remember to have fun!
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.::RULES::. Read Before Applying
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